Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Days with the Dogs

Yesterday marks the start of a new journey for our dogs. Imagine the shock of possibly never eating dog food again? I'm sure they weren't thinking too sorrowfully about it yesterday morning when they were munching on the raw chicken leg quarters they were served.

Most people may think we are a little extreme or bizarre, but after spending almost $100 a month on a special dog food that our dog with sensitive stomach could handle, the realization that feeding our dogs all raw would only cost $50 a month was the final push to take the step.

We have been having difficulties with our dogs being too skinny for a while, and when Sage began to have stomach problems, we knew something needed to change. The vet switched the dogs over to a more meat-based food, which was also a LOT more expensive.

I began to do research on an all raw diet for the dogs, and I soon came to the conclusion that it would probably be the best move I ever made for our pups. It took a lot of research and a small amount of common sense to tell me that dogs were indeed created to be carnivorous, and feeding it grain and veggie stuffed dog food could do a lot of long-term damage to their systems.

As always, I had thought feeding our dogs all raw would be too expensive. But after a little more research and calculation it became clear it was more within our means than the dog food we were buying. It felt very good to watch our dogs eating stuff that I knew God created their bodies to eat. I'm looking forward to seeing positive results from this change.

This has really opened my eyes into looking at what is really good for our critters, and I'm starting to look more into feeding natural diets to the rest of our critters as well. I don't know if anything will come of it, but at least I'm having fun doing the research!

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