Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Under My Tender Caring Hand

Under My  Tender Caring Hand

With the Shepherd sheep do graze,
Though at worldly lusts they gaze.
Then the Shepherd’s hands on their heads He lay.
With His tender loving voice He does say:
“Don’t wish to be in worldly land,
But stay under my tender, caring hand.”

Though the Shepherd’s hand on their head was laid,
Out of his loving care they strayed.
 But when the path was darkened, they called out in fright.
Then they saw the Shepherd’s bright and shining light.
When safe in His arms and resting their head,
He stroked them and softly and tenderly said:
 “Why did you go from our peaceful land?
Please stay under my tender, caring hand.”

When back in the safety of His land,
Glad they were under the Shepherd’s hand.
They looked at the world, said “That’s not the way.”
Then they heard a soft, and sweet voice say:
“The world is a sinful destructive land,
I’m glad you are under my tender caring hand.”

Interesting side note: I won a poetry contest with this poem about thirteen years ago, and it was published in a coffee table special edition poetry book.

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