Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vision Discretion? What for?

What is vision discretion anyway? Well, to some people it would mean just being careful when you’re at the mall or ball game and making sure you watch the place where there’s not an extra display of skin, or some would also put it as not watching bad movies. What I’m going to talk about is personal vision discretion. What’s good or bad for us.

I know one area all of us girls have struggles with is keeping our minds and thoughts pure. What has that to do with vision discretion? What kind of movies do we watch? What kind of books do we read? “I don’t read any bad books or watch bad movies!” you say. No, you probably don’t. But were you aware that what is “Bad” as far as language, witchcraft, gushy ungodly romance, or attitudes is not the only thing that can be bad in a book or a movie?  What many of us do not realize is that even the “good” movies and books can poison our minds, but not in placing a horrid picture or word. 

Many of your good old movies such as westerns, adventures, romances (pride and prejudice, etc.), or everyday life have things that will fuel the mind in our battles with pureness. One of the main ones for me was westerns, but any movie really that has a handsome guy, or a beautiful girl will cause us to think. We may not realize it, but it’s true. 

I had to stop watching everything for a month, I made a commitment to God that I wouldn’t watch any movies for a month, and then when I watched something or if someone would suggest watching something, it was easier for me to say “No, that’s one that I can’t watch.” It might be fine for the rest of my family, but I know that I’ll probably have certain impure thoughts as a result of watching it.

The same thing happens with books. How many of us like reading the Hardy Boys, or Nancy Drew? These also can place impure thoughts in our minds. Not necessarily about the book, but the things in the book can fuel other thoughts in our mind and cause them to leap up and make themselves known again.

It may take us separating ourselves from all movies and books and just stick to the Word of God for a while in order to replace our level of discretion. But it helped me greatly in keeping my thoughts pure, and if you have problems with impure thoughts, it will doubtlessly help you too.

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” - Proverbs 16:3

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