Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thankfulness Challenge (Day 1)

I Am Thankful For...

I have been challenged by a dear sister of mine to try the 30-day Thankfulness Challenge. It basically involves prayerfully discovering seven things a day for which I can be truly thankful for. Here are the first seven!

1. The challenges God places in my life to help me grow in faith and trust in Him.

2. A wonderful friend like Rebecca (Who is coming to visit next weekend! Yay!) 

3. The book of 1 Peter (My "book of the month", meaning I read it through once a
day for the entire month.)

4. How so many times God has just the right passage prepared for me in my daily 
reading of His Word.

5. Only five weeks of school left!                                                                             

6. My brothers finally got the clothesline put up! :-D                                            

7. The beautiful day God blessed us with today (Albeit a bit chilly)!                      

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