Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Puppy Update!!!

These puppies are growing like weeds, and are now ready waiting to be placed in their forever homes!
Here are a couple recent pictures we took while playing with them. 

I apologize if we didn't get everyone! 
If you don't see a recent picture of your favorite pup from my last post, let me know, 
and I'll be sure to get one for you!

What can I say? He's the snuggle bug!
He's one of the favorites, with a great all-around personality, love for snuggling, and super playful!
He's a BIG boy, and seems to be fighting for the "Biggest Puppy" prize! 

Hangin' out with his pal, Yellow!

This is a very popular pose for her! She likes to lay at your feet and play with your shoe laces.

 She's a beautiful little sweetheart and has a very sweet and playful personality.

Sweet, laid back, and attentive. She's more than willing to sit in the background and snooze and let the other puppies shine, but when you want a lap buddy, call her over!

Probably our largest puppy (He and Orange are a toss-up!), he is VERY German Shepherd, and wears his breed proudly! He's got a laid-back personality, but can be super attentive when the need arises!

Gone to her happily-forever-after home!
She's the most energetic puppy, and quite the adventurer. She's the first to come running, and the first to stick her nose where it might not belong! She's super smart and fast.

She's super playful, and there's NOTHING she enjoys more than playing with her daddy! 
You should see them! It's SO cute!!!

Chillin' with her best bud, Orange!

(Okay, so we had to give him an orange collar too. We ran out of brown!)
He looks a lot like orange, but is a little smaller. 
Very compact and smart, seems like he'd be a great working dog!
He also likes to play with other dogs besides his litter mates. A great socializer!

Just a cute little sweetheart! She's super lovable and playful! She'd make a great family pet!


I still call her our little "Diva". She is very much a mama's baby and LOVES to be pampered!

Gone to her happily-forever-after home!
She's got the darkest coat of all them. Very trim and military looking!
High profile, no? She's got an amazing personality. 
Super smart and attentive, as well as playful and lovable!

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