Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It's that time again! Tessa has had her third litter of nine, beautiful puppies. They are starting to get big, as well as show of some personality! They are now four weeks old, and I will be letting them go to their "forever home" starting May 14th. If you are interested, please contact me. Puppies will be sold a first come, first serve basis, and I will not hold any puppies without a non-refundable deposit 

Last time I listed puppies, I was kind of "fussed at" for not having pictures of the parents as well. My apologies! Here are some pictures of the parents.

Sage (Sire-AKC Registered)
Tessa (Dame-Pure Bred)

So there are the parents. A cute pair aren't they?

Now for the puppies!!! 


He's one of my BIG boys! He's one of my puppies with longer hair.

His personality is just starting to show. He thinks he's "big stuff", but is also very playful and LOVES company! (He doesn't care to be by himself!) :-D

PURPLE (Female)

Another fuzzy little one! They are not long-haired, but will have good length.

What can I say? She's just sweet! Good personality, not to forward, but not too shy either!

WHITE (Female)

Average fur.

She's one of my snuggle bugs. She will let you do practically anything to her! She is SUPER laid back.

BLUE (Male)

A little attitude, anyone?

Not really! He's super sweet, and VERY playful! He's going to be a lot of fun as he grows up!

YELLOW (Female)

The spot on her nose was a bo-bo that has healed.

This little gal is BUSY! She's laid back, but curious. An overall great pup!

BROWN (Male)

"Ugh! ANOTHER picture?!"

SUPER laid back, but also VERY playful when he has a mind to. He goes through spurts of sleeping and exploring, and likes to play with tennis-shoe laces! :-D

PINK (Female)

She's a sweetie!

She's another who likes to snuggle, but she also enjoys some "alone" time too. Great mellow personality!

Green (Female)

She should be called "Diva"!


She is a bit of a baby, and I'm already trying hard not to call her "Diva". But she is!!!

MAROON (Female)
Reserved/Sold! :-D

Isn't she SO cute?!

Okay, I gotta admit, she's my favorite! She's a "mighty adventurer" and has a little spaz to her attitude that I just love! I have a feeling she'd be great to work with for any type of training you like!

And....that's everyone!!! Here are a couple pictures we took of them just playing around.
Yellow, just bein' silly!

Hmmm, is that a little snarl? I guess Brown may be tired of pictures!

Get 'em all lined up...

There! Well, almost! :-D

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