Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Business No Excuse....

Hello Everyone!

I know that I have been pretty scarce of late, and I apologize for allowing myself to get so wrapped up with school that I have not been posting my verses! By God's grace, my priorities are hopefully straightened out, and school will not be all-consuming!

By way of update, I started college this August, and it has been quite the experience! I always thought that I would never go to college, that I would just stay at home until the Lord brought a husband my way, and then I would be a keeper at home and a help-meet for my spouse, supporting him in whatever work the Lord directed him in. This summer, however, the Lord opened wide every possible door, and I followed Him to the college campus with a working goal of Agricultural Informative Science.

Even though I am in college now, I am following God one day at a time, and one semester at a time. If it is His will for me to go completely through college, then praise His name! If not, it is because He has something even better for me!

I really struggled the first few weeks with old temptations, priorities, and having temptations to be something I'm not. I guess "peer pressure" (sounds ridiculous when everyone is years younger than I am!) and a spirit of independence started to actually work on me! In the back of my mind, I knew God wasn't in complete control of my life, and I began to feel the tension and stress.

I finally had to give up what I thought I wanted, and fully yield once more to following the plans God has for me in my life. Since then it has seemed like I am running a marathon of temptations and frustrations to try and get me off that path, but through Christ's strength, I know He can and will help me to continue on this road of victory in Jesus! I'd appreciate your prayers as I continue to strive to follow Him in EVERY area of my life.

I think that one of the reasons the struggles are so difficult is because I know God also led me to college specifically to grow in the area of witnessing. He has been teaching me a lot this summer, and He blessed me with college as a mission field. Please pray that I would have the boldness to speak up, and the discretion to know when to simply be a silent witness.

Thank you all for your love and prayers! Have a blessed day in our Lord!

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