Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fun With the Girls!!!

One of the ways God has been working in my heart this past year is to help me really appreciate and enjoy the company of my younger siblings. As bad as it may sound, I never really realized just how sweet my little sisters were! I have really come to enjoy my time with them!

So the other night our parents decided to go out for dinner. As Mom was walking out the door she said that if one of the sisters would make it, they could have pizza for supper. Well, all the other older girls said "no" because they had other things to do. I mentally thought that it didn't apply to me, because I couldn't eat the stuff anyway. But, the begging eyes of little sisters prevailed, and I announced that Ashlyn and I would make dinner. Of course, Naomi came in and decided to help, so I HAD to get pictures.

Oops! The mixer is broken! I guess we'll have to do it the old fashioned way!
This fascinated my little sisters, but I did have to show them the art of kneading.
(Wow, that made me feel old!) :-D

Ashlyn really surprised me at how hard she worked at it!

Naomi watched for a while, then hopped right in and took over!

Of course, what adventure is complete without a silly picture?

"Webecca? Can we put lots of pepperwoni on it?"

I guess so!

I told the girls they could each eat ONE piece of pepperoni. 
Well, it didn't get totally eaten without being played with a little first. :-D

We did not get pictures of the "finished" product, but judging by the way the family wolfed it down, I'd say the pizzas were a success. I had fun anyway!

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  1. Hey Rebecca!

    What a lovely post!! God has been helping me with my relationship with my younger siblings as well. :) How fun that you and your sisters made pizza together! And the pizzas look delicious! :) You can tell them so, if you'd like. :)