Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Although it may not seem like it to others, I have written some terrible stories. Stories with things in it that should not have been written. You know, stuff that girls think about that they shouldn’t. And I would read them every once in a while or write more to them to “satisfy my flesh”.

The other day, I was doing that and it made me (as it always does) discontent with my family, and where God has placed me. The next day was Sunday, and God really touched my heart with the message. Part of it was about what God will judge the Churches in.

As I looked at the list in my notes, I realized these were areas that God would judge everyone in. I thought that was interesting. I gave several areas over to God and asked Him specifically to fill my mind with his thoughts.

That night as I started to do my devotions, I felt a tremendous burden on my heart. I asked the Lord what it was, and instantly I knew, It was those stories. They had vain imaginations and other things that were in them and I knew God wanted me to give them up. I would try to justify my actions by saying, “I will re-write them so they will be good.”

I struggled with my flesh but, praise God, the Holy Spirit won. I asked Amanda to come with me, (I had let her read some of them) and I apologized for being such a bad example. I threw them away with Amanda as my witness, then I got on the computer, didn’t even open the files, and deleted them.

It was not an easy thing to do! I was very attached to them. They had some very good ideas and content in them. But I used them as an excuse to stay a little worldly.

Now I have committed all my writing, past, present, and future to the Lord. I promised God I would not write anything except that which is glorifying and praising to him.  I cannot tell you how light and free my heart felt. It’s as if I had been chained and did not know it until I was free. I think I was. What do you think?

I know that we girls who write get very attached to our stories. It was very hard for me, and I didn’t want to do it in the least little bit. But I knew I could not be the Daughter of Christ the Lord would want me to be.
So dear girls, I encourage you, if this has struck a conscience, please deal with it right away. Don’t read it one last time, or wait until tomorrow. The longer you wait, the more you’re telling God, “I don’t want to draw closer to you yet.” Though this is just one of the instances in which the devil can put a stronghold, it will (not can, it will) hinder you in your growth in the Lord.

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  1. I threw away a story once. I think about it now and then, but, honestly, I don't miss it now. I figure that God gave me a writing gift, which means I'll always have the tools I need to write a better story. That does not mean that every story in need of improvement is fit for the dustbin, but it does mean that considering each story's impact is necessary. The reader will learn *something* from the story. The question is: Are our stories teaching about things that are misleading and shallow, or edifying and worthwhile?