Wednesday, April 9, 2014

That Terrible Lie

What do you do when all the girls you know get their hair cut for the summer, and your parent's won't let you?

I have been pretty busy the past month, and didn't have a lot of time to write, but as I was going through my desk, I came across this, and laughed and cried over it. I thought you would enjoy reading it, even though it was written a long time ago. I kept the original spelling and grammar, for your amusement.

That Terrible Lie
It all began one day when I relized that every single one of my friends (girls) had shoulder length hair, while I had long brown hair that I could sit on. Just then I wanted short hair. "Mom?"
"Can you cut my hair?"
"You will have to ask your dad, but I don't think so."
Of course dad said no too, but I wanted to have short hair real bad. Then the dredful day came.
In June, 1999, I cut my hair. It was in the morning. After I woke up I couldn't stand it anymore, I grabbed my scissors and cut half of my hair of. I did it! I was horrified.
Franticly I tried to put my hair back on. (which I couldn't, but I wasn't thinking.) I went downstairs after I hid my hair, and told mom I had a dream that I went to the barber shop and got my hair cut. She didn't notice it. Then I bent over and picked up a book and then said "Mom! Look!" and I showed her my hair. She was mad. After she finished cutting my hair she "marched" up the stairs and looked for my hair in my room and found it. I told her I didn't cut my hair. Day after day, week after week, month after month, I lied about my hair. I was Jumpy, tired, and restless. Finaly I could not stand the stress becouse every time I read or heard the Bible, it seemed to tell about lieying or telling the truth. So I asked mom to come to her room and then I flew into her arms crying and I confessed. Then I asked her to spank me becouse I knew I needed it. Then mom and I prayed together I, asking forgivness and Mom, thanking God for letting me overcome my stuborness. That night I had the best sleep I had in months.

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